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With market conditions set to undergo significant change in the future, Clarion is transforming its business portfolio to become an “In-Vehicle Information Solutions Provider” contributing to an enriched and safe vehicle society. The business environment in the automotive industry is undergoing dramatic changes, as customer needs expand in particular to autonomous driving in practical use, and new players from the IT sector and other industries are entering the market.

Within this business environment, Clarion is strengthening its position in two key growth areas: safety & information systems, which enhance safety and security, and connectivity, which enables drivers to “connect” as they drive. Integrating these new technologies and businesses with our core DNA of car audio, long-established technologies of car navigation, vehicle cameras, and sensing devices, we will continue to lead the world in providing integrated system solutions. In the new age of driving that lies ahead, Clarion sees its mission as providing customers with greater safety, security and comfort through these system solutions, thus contributing to an enriched and safer vehicle society.