Dynamat In-Car Vibration Dampener Xtreme Bulk Pack 3.3m²/36ft²

Dynamat is a patented, lightweight elastomeric butyl and aluminum constrained-layer vibration damper. Dynamat conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard substrates.

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  • Dynamat does not absorb moisture
  • The elastometric “space age” synthetic rubber will stay intact under foot and sticks to overhead, vertical and oily surfaces.
  • Dynamat can be die cut to shape and placed onto the body surface directly on painted panels or after the sheet metal is cleaned before painting (typically at the sealer application operation).
  • Dynamat is used to treat metal panels, partitions, ducts, doors, bins, panels, and so forth in automobiles, railroad cars, buses, and ships. It is also used for ventilation ducts, relay cabinets, steel furniture, home appliances, sink units, computer equipment, machine tools and many other objects that suffer from vibration-produced noise.

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