Rockford Fosgate Display Head Marine Wired 5" TFT PMX-8DH

The PMX-8DH, used with the PMX-8BB hide away media receiver is a wired display head controller giving you access to all the receivers capabilities. It features a 5" ultra bright color TFT display for optimum viewing even in full sun that is optically wet bonded to prevent any dust or moisture penetration. It is IPX6 rated and uses a water resistant rotary encoder knob with white LED button illumination. Additionally it features front panel illumination and sub controls, composite video input as well as a conformal coated PCB for elemental protection.

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  • 5" Full color Thin Film Transistor display,
  • Wet Bonding: An epoxy layer is placed between the display and cover glass bonding the two together eliminating the air gap. Improved visual clarity, reduced ambient light reflection and eliminates dust,
  • Water resistant rotary encoder volume control,
  • White LED button illumination,
  • Front Panel Sub Control,
  • Direct composite video input connection,
  • Epoxy coated circuit board for water resistance,
  • Two-piece mounting system to secure panel to mounting surface,
  • IPX6 Water Intrusion Rating: Water projected in powerful jets from any direction shall have no harmful effects,
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM): B117 Salt Fog Test Standard, D4329 UV Exposure of Plastics Test Standard,
  • 2 Years Standard Warranty,

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