REL Subwoofer S5 SHO

S/5 SHO represents the pinnacle of mid-level sub bass systems, combining RELs most innovative engineering to produce reference-quality sound in a stunningly sophisticated package.

S/5 SHO (Super High Output) exceeds the mandate for mid-level models and crosses this model into near reference quality. S/5 SHO’s 15” Continuous CastTM Alloy Cone Driver and carbon passive radiator produces exceptionally low bass with tremendous impact and speed. Its NextGen2 550W digital amplifier makes large scale, high-end 2-channel systems and grand theaters a perfect pairing. Medium to grand rooms are more than appropriate as scale is very large, speed is exceptional, and attack and slam is visceral.

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  • Front-firing active woofer, down-firing passive radiator,
  • New Super High Output (SHO) for up to twice the loudness,
  • 12" long-throw Continuous CastAlloy active driver,
  • 12" passive radiator,
  • 20Hz at -6dB in room response,
  • 550 watts (RMS) Next Gen II Class D amplifier,
  • Wireless capability with optional Longbow transmitter,
  • Available in High Gloss Piano Black or White,

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