Paradigm Monitor Surround 3

It took three emperors and 15 years to build Rome’s colosseum, architecture that still elicits awe centuries later. And while we’re not so bold as to compare the colosseum to the new Series 7, you have to admit the speakers look more than a little awesome in the backdrop of Ancient Rome. Good architecture will stand up well over time, as will good sonic architecture. Our Monitor Series 7 is a classic example. Now in its seventh iteration, each new generation is an opportunity for refinement: design innovations from our higher-priced reference lineups, reference-quality component parts, cabinets and even finishes! When it comes to getting value for your money, it doesn’t get better than Monitor Series 7. Since its inception, the Monitor Series has been a favorite of audiophiles on a budget — with Series 7, that hasn’t changed.

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  • Design 4-driver, 2-way bi-directional surround/rear,
  • Crossover 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.3 kHz,
  • Frequency Response ±2dB from 90 Hz - 20 kHz,
  • High Frequency Driver Two 25-mm (1 in) S-PAL™ dome tweeters, ferro-fluid cooled and damped,
  • Mid/Bass Frequency Driver Two 140-mm (5-1/2 in) S-PAL™ cones, 25-mm (1 in) voice-coils, oversize ceramic / ferrite magnets, GRIP™ chassis,
  • Low Frequency Extension 53 Hz (DIN),
  • Sensitivity 90 dB / 87 dB,
  • Impedance Compatible with 8 ohms,
  • Suitable Amplifier Power Range 15 - 175 watts,
  • Maximum Input Power 120 watts,
  • Finishes Black,
  • Weight 13.95 lbs. (6.32 kg),
  • Dimensions 10.625" × 13" × 5.625" (27cm × 33cm × 16.8cm),

Collections: Paradigm, Surround Sound Speakers

Type: 4x4

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