The Chord Company Shawline Speaker Cable

It’s a speaker cable that is extremely neutral, capable of carrying high levels of detail and dynamic information – and because of this, it will carry music in an extremely coherent manner.  In other words, your music sounds more like it should.

Shawline takes this as a starting point and refines it.  The whole reason for using high frequency effective shielding is that by reducing interference, the cable is better able to carry the micro-dynamics and timing slurs that musicians use so much to define rhythm and expression.  The Shawline also carries the very fine details that reveal more of the timbre of individual instruments.  This allows you to look further into and get more involved in music, with the added benefit of enhancing the image and depth of the system it’s being used in.

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  • Features two contra-wound high-density foil shields,
  • 2 x 14 AWG, bare stranded copper in twisted pair,
  • FEP insulation,
  • Effective shielding to high frequencies,
  • Transparent PVC outer jacket,
  • Outer diameter: 10.5mm,

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