Van Den Hul Clearwater Speaker Cable

The cable’s jacket is made of transparent HULLIFLEX ® 3, a robust halogen free material excellently capable of shielding the copper conductors from the chemically threatening outside world. 

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  • Silverplated,
  • Twin-lead,
  • Entry-level cable type,
  • Silver coated high purity,
  • Loudspeaker cable eff conductor,
  • 2x(1.97 mm² / ~AWG 14 / 98) external diameter 15 mm. wide; 4.0 mm. thick jacket colors Transparent resistance 0.9 Ohm/100 m. capacitance 17.5 pF/m. insulation,
  • HULLIFLEX ® 3 / 300 Vrms min,
  • Our 3.0 mm. Ø cable entrance diameter,
  • Universal Speaker Connectors or our 4.5 mm. Ø cable entrance diameter BERRI Bus Connectors or our DIY Screw-On Speaker Connectors; All custom mountable on ordered lengths,
  • 100 m. reels; With connectors mounted to specifications: any length; Without connectors: please consult your van den Hul dealer or the van den Hul distributor in your country,
  • Our The GOLDWATER is a version of this cable especially suited for the more harsh (tropical) environments,
  • Other twin-lead speaker cables in our AWG 14 range are: The SKYLINE HYBRID, The SNOWLINE, and The GOLDWATER,

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