Home Automation

Home Automation systems offer the ultimate in convenience and flexibility when you want to control lots of devices from a single point. By using Control4 we can integrate all aspects of your home including Audio, Video, Lighting, Blinds & Curtains, Heating & Cooling, Security, Surveillance, Access Control and many more. With a simple press of a button you can dim the lights, Turn the TV on to your favourite program and lower the shades. This is all possible through your remote control, smart device and integrated touch screens. Automation can improve your day to day lifestyle by reducing the time required time to shut the home down and ensure everything is locked with alarm armed. All these functions are available through your smart device anywhere in the world, in real time. This provides peace of mind that you home is safe.
Here at Audiotech we can design a solution to suit your requirements, lifestyle and budget. Due to Control4's scalability we can start small and add to your project at a time of your choosing. The Audiotech team are highly skilled in all aspects of home technology. We can take care of everything from the design process through to Installation. Whether you're building, renovating or simple want to upgrade your home we can help.