Alpine CDA-118M


Alpine CDA-118M


Alpine has put its formidable engineering skills to work in creating the CDA-118M marine CD recei...

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Alpine has put its formidable engineering skills to work in creating the CDA-118M marine CD receiver. This stereo not only delivers top-notch sound, but its bullet-proof construction allows it to handle the toughest marine applications.

Built to take it
Alpine hasn't just beefed up a regular car stereo for marine use with the CDA-118M. The receiver is fully waterproof, measured against rigorous industry standards, and is certified as resistant to salt fog and UV exposure. Strict marine testing, including exposure to jets of water and salt-chamber exposure, ensures it'll hold up to life on the water. The large 3.6" tall face looks great in your boat, while the chassis behind the face is a direct fit or replacement for many standard marine stereos.

Make your iPod part of the crew
The included KCU-440i iPod® cable provides an audio connection and charging for your player, while the large double-action encoder knob makes it easy to dial up the songs you're looking for. You'll also find a built-in USB input ready for your thumb drives and two auxiliary inputs for other audio sources.

Excellent audio performance
Its strong internal amp delivers powerful output, and you can shape the sound with the 2-band parametric equalizer. The stereo also features a high-pass filter that'll keep your full-range speakers clear by eliminating the extreme low bass that they can't handle, plus a low-pass filter for your subwoofer.

The CDA-118M offers three sets of preamp outputs for connecting an amplified system. Use Alpine's optional IMPRINT sound tuning processor to turn your vessel into the perfect listening space — it measures the acoustics in your listening area and adjusts the stereo's settings automatically to create a perfect audio environment.

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