Our Static State HDMI cable transmits all video resolutions up to and including 4K. The Static State cable can be moulded into any shape to assist for routing around objects, to keep away from other cabling infrastructure, and to make rack installs look neater. The Static State cable is available in lengths of 0.3m, 0.5m, 0.7m and 1m.

Key Features

  • Cable can be fixed in any required position for neater rack installations

  • Transmit all video resolutions up to and including 4K

  • High Speed with Ethernet

  • 3D Compatible

  • Deep Colour

  • 30 AWG

Available Lengths

  • HDMISS-03 Static State HDMI Cable - 0.3m

  • HDMISSI-05 Static State HDMI Cable - 0.5m

  • HDMISS-07 Static State HDMI Cable - 0.7m

  • HDMISS-1 Static State HDMI Cable - 1m