Marantz Power Amplifier MA MM8077

Designed for the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience, the MM8077 7-channel power amplifier is equipped with the same amplifier technologies that are incorporated in our reference class hi-fi amplifiers, including our unique current feedback discrete power amplifier stage design, which features a high slew rate that provides a wide bandwidth for the utmost enjoyment of today's high resolution audio formats.

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  • 7x 150W (8 ohm), 7x 180W (6 ohm) RMS power (20Hz-20kHz),
  • Current feedback discrete power amplifier,
  • High current power supply with toroidal power transfomer,
  • Marantz reference-grade power supply filter capacitors and high speed, high current discrete power transistors,
  • Low impedance continuous drive capability,
  • Highest sound quality design based on pure surround philosophy,
  • Copper plated chassis,
  • Gold plated, high grade speaker terminals,
  • Flasher input, DC trigger (in/out), Remote control (in/out),
  • Available in Black,

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