Marantz Integrated Amplifier PM14S1

New Premium Products from Marantz are always reason for the audiophile community to celebrate. And the new 14 Series Special Edition thrusts the audio experience to new levels – because this Special Edition has been lovingly fi ne-tuned and passionately optimized for High Resolution fi les: marking the new era in music adoration.

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  • 2x 90Watts (8 ohm) / 2x 140 Watts (4 ohm),
  • HDAM & Current feedback Amp of Marantz Unique technology for High Quality Sound,
  • Current feedback amplifier provides wide range, very fast and accurate signal handling,
  • Marantz proprietary HDAM® SA3 circuits,
  • Strong power supply with high current type schottky diode,
  • Marantz original solid pure copper speaker terminals SPKT-100,
  • High quality Linear Control Volume Dual circuit,
  • CCFB (Constant Current Feedback) MM/MC phono equalizer with V/I servo,
  • Toroidal Transformer, rigid premium chassis, Low Noise LCD display,
  • Power Amp Direct input for easy integration in an AV setup,

Collections: Integrated Amplifiers, Marantz

Type: Unknown Type

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