Paradigm PBK-1 Perfect Bass Kit

Paradigm’s Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) is a derivative of the critically acclaimed Anthem® Room Correction (ARC) system, based on research conducted by the National Research Council (NRC). The NRC’s goal was to identify the correct “in-room” target response for a loudspeaker (in this case, the subwoofer) and then develop a way to achieve that same response in any listening room. Using proprietary processing, PBK measures your subwoofer’s frequency response and then computes the target response to yield optimal bass performance in your room. Each PBK can be used with up to four Paradigm Reference subwoofers.

How Does PBK Do What it Does?

The process begins when your computer signals the subwoofer to play the test signal, which is then picked up by the individually calibrated micro-phone. The system puts the subwoofer through a frequency sweep to highlight problem areas and determine necessary adjustments. It asks you to position the microphone in at least five different locations. Configurations are then saved on the connected PC. The optimized solutions are calculated, then uploaded to the subwoofer and the calculated room corrections are put in place. An audiophile solution to the problem of “the room”!

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