Sonos Playbar

The Sonos PLAYBAR is no ordinary soundbar. Yes, it connects to your TV to play movies, TV shows and sports broadcasts with vibrant, room-filling sound. But, unlike other sound bars which have just one function, the Sonos PLAYBAR offers wireless access to a world full of music — Spotify®,  MOG® , Pandora, Last FM plus thousands of Internet radio stations and more, just like all Sonos speakers. Control the PLAYBAR using your TV's remote control or by using the free Sonos app for smartphones and tablets to stream digital music.


- Complements HD television screens with richly textured HiFi sound.
- Wirelessly streams all the music on earth.
- Simple to set up, control and expand. Requires just two cords: one power cord, one optical cord (both included). Syncs with other Sonos speakers wirelessly.
- Understands and works with most IR remotes and can be controlled by free apps for your Android®, iPhone® or iPad®.
- Plays all sources plugged in to your HD TV: satellite boxes, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles. If it’s connected to your HD TV, PLAYBAR will play it.


The 9-speaker Sonos PLAYBAR features three tweeters and six midrange speakers for a fantastic cinematic experience and all from one extremely sexy component. Great if you don't want to fill your room up with lots of speakers. The 9 built-in Class D amplifiers and processing can handle both Dolby® Digital and lossless audio formats. And to finish off what is a very hot item, the PLAYBAR's automatic equalisation self-adjusts to the program material to provide rich, seamless sound.


3.0 Home Theatre: Connect PLAYBAR to your TV with an included optical digital cable for clean, clear sound from TV shows and movies.

3.1 Home Theatre: Pair a Sonos SUB with PLAYBAR to add bass impact to your home theatre system. The SUB pairs wirelessly with the PLAYBAR with the touch of a button, making it simple to enjoy full-range sound.

5.1 Home Theatre: Add two Sonos PLAY:3, Play:1 speakers or a Sonos Connect with your choice of speakers (including custom installation in-wal or in-ceiling speakers) to the PLAYBAR and SUB for a complete, wraparound home theatre experience. Like the SUB, the Play:3, Play:1 speakers or Sonos Connect:Amplified wirelessly connect to the PLAYBAR so you don't have to run speaker wire around your room (Except for the Sonos Connect:Amplified which will require speakers from the unit to your choice of speakers). 

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