Triad Home Automation Amplifier 8 Zone PAMP8-100

Recognizing that dealers need audio solutions for large and small projects that deliver multi-room optimization and clean sound, Control4 rolls out two new high-resolution audio matrix switches that enable homeowners to enjoy music from 8 to 96 separate zones anywhere in the home. The Triad Audio Matrix Switches distribute audio sources throughout the home so that homeowners can listen to any source in any room, in stunning, ultra-clear, high-resolution. Equipped with digital coaxial, optical, and analog inputs to connect a broad range of source devices, the new audio matrix switches deliver an astounding -105 dB signal-to-noise ratio to maintain sound quality throughout the home. Each audio output can be adjusted with independent gain, bass, treble, 10-band parametric equalizer, balance, loudness, and mono-summing controls for precise audio customization in each room or audio zone. The ultra-compact design conserves precious rack space utilizing only 1RU and 2RU for the AMS-8 and AMS-24, respectively.

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  • Powerful 100W per channel driven by ICEpower modules to deliver a dynamic, high-resolution audio experience,
  • Bridgeable outputs provide double the amplification for areas that require more power,
  • Class-D amplification runs cool allowing you to stack one amplifier on top of another,
  • Fast wake-from-standby using 12V trigger for time-sensitive audio announcements and quick audio-zone startup,
  • Three power mode control options—12V trigger, audio sensing, or always on,
  • Standby mode saves energy when not in use,
  • Each zone can be independently linked to the global audio input to share one input across multiple sets of speakers,
  • Share an audio source across multiple power amplifiers using the global audio output,
  • Over-current and thermal protections prevent damage due to short circuits, incorrect wiring, or heat,
  • Rack-mount ears included,

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