Triad Bookshelf Speaker Silver LR-H Atmos

Triad’s newest front home theater speaker is actually two separate speaker systems cleverly incorporated into a single handsome cabinet. The front-firing speaker system is basically a Silver LCR, which provides authoritative direct sound to the listening area. A unique array on the top of the speaker serves as a height channel, and the four-driver array fires a focused sound to the ceiling, carrying discrete Atmos effects. Other front height speakers don’t offer the dramatic focus and localization of the Triad Atmos-enabled speakers. Dolby suggests using at least four upward-firing speakers to reproduce the Atmos channels. In a room where it isn’t practical to install four high-quality ceiling speakers to handle the Atmos channels, Triad offers the best solution. When paired with appropriate Triad Subs and center channel speaker, the InRoom Silver LR-H Dolby Atmos speaker opens up a world to the latest in exciting surround sound technology.

About Dolby Atmos and Sound Objects
To free filmmakers from the limitations of channel-based audio, Dolby created Atmos, a system that lets them position and move sounds in three dimensions – to faithfully recreate how we experience sound in the real world.

Dolby Atmos is based on the concept of sound objects. In a Dolby Atmos equipped cinema, the state-of-the-art in movie sound, every sound in a scene—a helicopter taking off, a bee buzzing—can be a separate sound object. Each of these sounds starts at a specific location in the scene; often they move. Filmmakers can sonically isolate each sound object in a scene, position it precisely where they want it, and make it appear to move exactly where and how they want. In the final sound mix, each sound object is combined with metadata—additional data that describes a number of parameters about it, including its location and movement.

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  • Recommended Amp Power 50 - 200 watts,
  • Impedance 4 ohms,
  • Sensitivity (db 1watt/1meter) 91,
  • Anechoic Frequency Response 80 Hz - 20 kHz,
  • Tweeter Type Fabric dome,
  • Tweeter Size (1) 1" /25mm,
  • Woofer Type Paper/fiber blend,
  • Woofer Size (2) 6-1/2" /17cm,
  • Dolby Atmos Array Type Proprietary full range neodymium,
  • Dolby Atmos Array Size (4) 3" /7.6cm,
  • Height 57cm,
  • Width 22.2cm,
  • Depth 28.5cm,
  • Product Weight 13.9kg,
  • Shipping Weight 20.4kg,

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Type: Unknown Type

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