Alpine HCE-C2100RD


Alpine HCE-C2100RD


Only for use with select Alpine receiversIf you are using an Alpine touchscreen car stereo, Alpin...

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Only for use with select Alpine receivers
If you are using an Alpine touchscreen car stereo, Alpine's HCE-C2100RD rear-view camera is an essential accessory that provides an excellent, expanded view when you're backing up. With your compatible Alpine receiver, you can choose from four different viewing modes: rear-view, corner, ground, and panorama.

The Alpine super-cam with HDR
High Dynamic Resolution gives you the best picture yet, no matter which of its viewing modes you use. With HDR, you'll see more detail whether you're backing up in a bright parking lot at noon or a dark parking garage at midnight. This camera gives you a 180º horizontal viewing angle on the world behind you, so you won't miss a thing.

One square inch
This tiny camera measures less than one square inch, so it'll fit just about anywhere. The package includes a 34-foot cable with a proprietary Alpine plug that allows the camera to connect to a compatible Alpine car stereo.

Frame it
Looking for another mounting option? The HCE-C2100RD is compatible with Alpine's KTX-C10LP license plate mounting kit (not included).

Front, back, or side cam
Alpine's KCX-C250MC multi-camera selector (not included) lets you use this camera plus two other cameras to display front, rear, and side views of your rig on your Alpine radio's touchscreen.

Compatibility note: This camera is not compatible with any car stereo other than the Alpine receivers listed in the Details tab above.

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