Alpine HCE-C2600FD


Alpine HCE-C2600FD


Built for off-road useWhether you're a city driver or an off-roader, a front-view camera is a hug...

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Built for off-road use
Whether you're a city driver or an off-roader, a front-view camera is a huge help if you're worried about crunching your bumper or undercarriage. Adding Alpine's weather-resistant HCE-C2600FD front-view cam to your new Alpine touchscreen receiver helps you spot obstacles in front of your ride that are low and hard to see. Alpine gives you multiple views to choose from on the fly, so you'll have all the tools you need to navigate tight spots. Alpine provides the cables for connecting to their KCX-C250MC multi-camera selector or directly to your compatible Alpine touchscreen receiver.

HDR for better detail
High Dynamic Resolution gives you the best picture yet, no matter which of its viewing modes you use. With HDR, you'll see more detail whether you're navigating in a bright parking lot at noon or a dark parking garage at midnight. This camera gives you a 180º horizontal viewing angle on the world in front of you, so you won't miss a thing.

Multiple views on your Alpine car stereo
The HCE-C2600FD offers three viewing modes to give you better angles on what's in front of your vehicle:

  • Panorama view: a 180-degree angle of what's directly in front of you that's especially useful driving out of "blind" alleys and driveways.
  • Ground view: keep an eye on the ground directly in front of you for precise parking. Additionally, picture-in-picture view gives you a larger view of what's in front of you.
  • Corner view: this split-screen view brings your extreme right and left into focus for tricky parking situations. Additionally, you'll see a picture-in-picture view of your regular front view.

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