CoolPlug for Toshiba


CoolPlug for Toshiba


Your connectivity and integration device enabling native communication between control4 and Mini/...

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Your connectivity and integration device enabling native communication between control4 and Mini/Multi-Split Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, through the SDDP software.

CoolPlug, along with CooLinkHub, allows dealers to integrate the Mini/Multi-Split HVAC system through a bi-directional communication bridge between the HVAC and Control4 keypads, thermostats, touch screens, and mobile app.

How does it work?


Mini/Multi-Split HVAC systems are designed with a closed communication system, and as such, are extremely challenging to connect to any external automation system.

CoolPlug enables a Mini/Multi-Split HVAC to be accessible and fully controllable through the Control4 main controller, providing bi-directional communication with real-time feedback.

The CoolPlug, HVAC designated adapter, connects directly to the HVAC indoor unit on one side and to the CooLinkHub on the other, via a PBUS network (RS485).

The CooLinkHub, protocol converter allows SDDP integration with the Control4 system. Up to 10 CoolPlugs can be connected to a single CooLinkHub. CoolPlugs, connected to the same CooLinkHub can be of a different HVAC configuration and allow cross-brand integration.

CoolPlug models are HVAC manufacturer specific. You are welcome to check your HVAC brand and model compatibility on our CoolPlug webpage (the list is at the bottom of the page).

If you do not see your equipment on our list, be sure to contact us for a brief consultation with our engineering team.


  • Pre-existing Control4 driver for simpler integration
  • SDDP connectivity
  • Support for major Mini/Multi-Split HVAC brands
  • Quick and easy initial setup and configuration

What Hardware Should Your CoolPlug Order Include?

(1) CoolPlug for each indoor unit
(1) CooLinkHub for up to 10 CoolPlugs