Enforcer Series HID Handhelds-240MM


Enforcer Series HID Handhelds-240MM


KIT INCLUSIONSEnforcer HID Handheld SearchlightCig cord. Lifting your light to the next level, th...

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Enforcer HID Handheld Searchlight
Cig cord.

Lifting your light to the next level, the Enforcer HID combines outstanding new generation HID performance with an integral ballast integrated within the moulded handle. Light weight and high power, the intense 4200K bulb produces a natural white beam in 50w for blistering performance. The rugged and reliable HID lamp will withstand tough duty with reliable performance. Enforcer HID is available in 170mm and 240mm lamp options.

Parabolic reflector combined with in built focusing mechanism allows a beam from a wide pattern to a long distance spot
Coil cord with Merit plug for direct battery connection
2 portable battery options available

Wattage - 50W
Ingress Protection Rating - IP65
Weight - 1130g

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