The F70 gives drivers an extended view of the road ahead, with a crisp, one channel 1080P FULL ...

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The F70 gives drivers an extended view of the road ahead, with a crisp, one channel 1080P FULL HD resolution and a wide 140-degree angle view. Equipped with Video Enhancement Technology including wide dynamic range, night time picture correction and automatic exposure, the F70 covers a greater span between bright and the dark areas while driving. For protection when the vehicle is stopped, the F70 comes with Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW), when waiting at an intersection or in traffic, drivers are informed that the vehicle in front of them has started to move, preventing a delayed response and a possible accident. The F70 offers various recording modes depending on your usage needs including continuous, incident, manual and parking modes, including energy save park mode that records up to 3 times longer than other dash cams. When connected to the optional GPS antenna (GPSANT), F70 will also alert you when approaching speed and red light cameras and it will embed the speed and location data into the video file. The F70 supports up to 64GB memory and there is no need to keep on deleting previously recorded footage thanks to Format Free 2.0 technology the camera will manage the files and store them safely and securely.


  • Full HD 1080P front 1-channel camera with 140° wide-angle cameras for clear, crisp HD recordings
  • Video Enhancement Technology allows you to capture vivid footage at all times
  • G-Sensor Incident Detection for securely saving and protecting the crash/impact footage
  • Forward Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) that alerts the driver when the vehicle in front has already moved
  • Energy Saving Parking Surveillance for 3 times longer vivid video recordings (requires HWC, sold separately)
  • Safety Camera Alerts including speed camera, red light camera and mobile speed zones (requires GPSANT, sold separately)
  • Integrated Thermal Protection for the protecting the integrity of recordings and the SD card
  • Format Free 2.0 will extend the life and reliability of the SD card, the F7008 includes an 8GB Micro SD and supports up to 64GB
  • Korean Made Reliability with 2-Year Warranty

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