Gator G30CL, ideal for anyone looking for a high quality camera, is a super compact one that mo...

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Gator G30CL, ideal for anyone looking for a high quality camera, is a super compact one that mounts virtually anywhere on the front or rear of the vehicle. Comes with optional built-in parking grid-lines that helps guide you when reverse parking, G30CL has a wide 105-degree anti-blind-spot viewing angle. It's clad in a sturdy aluminium case and rated IP67 for water and debris protection. It also sports a 4 Pin Micro Din connector, enabling a clean and simple installation. It has three wire loops on the wiring and during the installation, cutting the specific loop can effect adjustments:

  • BLUE - default setting PAL, cut the loop for NTSC
  • GREEN - default setting PARKING LINES, cut the loop to remove PARKING LINES
  • WHITE - default setting MIRROR IMAGE, cut the loop for FORWARD FACING IMAGE

G30CL is PAL/NTSC switchable and comes with a standard RCA cable, making it compatible to any monitor or in- dash AV headunit with RCA input. It's supplied with a 1.5-metre power wire and a 6-metre video RCA.


  • Surface mount design for simple installation on the front or rear of the vehicle
  • Can be used as a front view, rear view or reverse camera thanks to the loop feature
  • Equipped with optional parking grid-lines that help you reverse the vehicle with ease even in tight parking spots
  • 105 degree super wide angle lens for reduced rear view blind-spots
  • Aluminium case and rated IP67 that guarantee the camera will withstand impact of water and debris normally hounding the vehicle's exterior
  • Camera is PAL/NTSC switchable, making it compatible with all display monitors and aftermarket AV headunits with RCA input
  • Low lux image sensor for use in low light environments
  • Includes 1.5-metre power wire and 6-metre RCA lead
  • Loop system for adjustable settings during installation


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